Echo Health Coop

Formerly the Complementary Health Team located at Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, Echo is a new cooperative of therapists working in Brighton & Hove to help patients and GPs access a selected range of complementary healthcare given by practitioners experienced in working safely in partnership with doctors, to ensure effective integrated care.

This temporary website gives you the contact details of our therapists, so please feel free to get in touch directly to arrange your appointment.

Our Therapists

Chris Dance


07747 626336


Jane O'Donnell

Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness

07812 578181


Jules Francis

Health Coaching

07803 121923


Laurie Cannon

Alexander Technique

07740 596129


Lawrence Horwill

Craniosacral Therapy

07973 863021


Rani-Louise Don

Nutritional Therapy

07949 229974