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About Echo Health

Echo Health is a co-operative of therapists working in Brighton and Hove to help patients and GPs access a selected range of complementary healthcare given by practitioners experienced in working safely in partnership with doctors, to ensure effective integrated care.

We carefully control the quality of our members to give you confidence and security in knowing that you are working with therapists with high professional standards. All our members have a minimum of 4 years experience in their primary discipline, and are committed to a vision of healthcare in the UK that integrates conventional medicine with safe complementary approaches.

Alongside many medics, we recognise that no-one has all the answers to an individual's health and wellbeing, but by working together and drawing from our collective experience, we aim to put the time and energy into discovering what may work best for you.

Echo Health is a not-for-profit organisation, using a sociocratic-style structure, with all members equally owning and managing the therapist community.

Information for Medics

  • Working With You

    We have discovered that many GPs throughout the Brighton and Hove area are interested in complementary approaches to healthc, and have a good understanding of the shortcomings in conventional care. The increasing awareness that medication holds the answer only some of the time has pointed some doctors to look at what else is available. Echo Health aims to provide that "one-stop shop" through a careful triage process drawing from decades of experience and good knowledge of what is available in the city.

    Once serious illness has been eliminated, especially with chronic health conditions, using complementary approaches can provide the patient with valuable support in their wellbeing, and reduce their burden on a busy NHS surgery. In many cases, treatment will bring about significant improvements in symptoms so that the patient visits their GP less and less over time.

    Echo Health members are committed to working alongside conventional care, providing the relevant feedback to the GP as treatment progresses, referring back as necessary, and working to strict standards of care and quality. We don't give advice on medication or make a medical diagnosis, and we have a good database of medical "red flags" so we know when to refer back to the GP.

    Some GPs often find there is little to help certain patients, once the standard tests and treatment courses have been exhausted. Echo Health members are happy to talk to these patients, as well as anyone who expresses an interest in non-pharmaceutical or non-surgical approaches to their health.

  • How It Works

    If you think a patient might benefit from complementary healthcare, or a patient (themselves) asks what can be done without using medication or surgery, please consider referring them to us. A simple web form is available throughout this website.

    Referrals that come through will be dealt with promptly, starting with an initial talk with the patient to triage their health issue in terms of complementary approaches. This would typically lead to a recommendation that the patient can consider as a treatment course.

    Soon after initial contact is made with the patient, the Echo Health therapist will write to you with a summary of their care, and will keep you updated as progress is made, or refer them back if the expected changes are not being achieved. All with the patients permission, of course.

    Patients must pay for the cost of their treatment themselves, as Echo Health members all work privately as self-employed therapists. Echo Health itself is a not-for-profit organisation, and its members pay a subscription to cover our small expenses.

  • Safeguarding & Governance

    Echo Health members have all worked alongside Brighton GPs, and have a good understanding of the pressures on doctors to safeguard themselves and their patients.

    Our members are all fully insured, and bound by the strict code of practice and ethics as set by our respective governing bodies. We respect all confidentiality issues, and additionally follow this code of conduct:

    • Therapist do not offer any advice on prescribed medication unless agreed by a medical clinician
    • Therapist do not give advice on immunisations or screening programmes
    • Therapists do encourage active engagement with the patients' medical care
    • Therapists do comply with the recommended CPD requirements of their governing body
    • Therapists have signed a confidentiality agreement
    • Therapists are aware of safeguarding issues and report any concerns to the patient's surgery's Safeguarding Lead or a member of their clinical team
    • Any medical concerns will be brought to the patient's GP with the patient's consent
    • Therapists have an awareness of the 'Red Flag' database, and when in doubt will discuss with a clinician
    • Any discussion of patients will be specifically consented to by the patient
    • Therapists ensure they have the patient’s best interests at heart

Information for Patients

  • How To Access Echo Health

    The aim of Echo Health is to be a 'one-stop shop' for complementary healthcare in the Brighton and Hove area, so that patients who are considering some form of alternative care to supplement NHS healthcare, can easily access the best treatment or therapy for your individual needs.

    Our therapists all have experience working within an NHS GP practice, so we are aware of the potential benefits of coordinating our treatments with your GP.

    An enquiry can be sent direct to Echo Health where we will suggest a therapy that we consider would be most helpful. There are links provided to each therapists personal website where further insights into the treatments available can be easily accessed. If you would like to discuss the advantages of particular treatments you are free to speak directly to any of our therapists with no obligation to book an appointment.

    You are also free to book in directly with a therapist and we make this as easy and fast as possible so you are not kept waiting for long to see someone and get your treatment started. After an initial appointment, follow up sessions are by mutual arrangement, depending on the nature of the treatment and the frequency required to properly support you.

    We view the relationship with you as important, often long term, and we are used to establishing a care and support regime that spans many months, or in some cases years.

    We would like you to view Echo Health as an ongoing healthcare and support network to help you maintain good health in the long term, not just when a specific ailment occurs. This lifetime support means that you, the patient, will ultimately take responsibility for maintaining the best state of health in body and mind that you can, knowing that personalised and dedicated care is always available.

    Each of our therapy team runs and maintains their own practice and appointments take place at their individual practice rooms, mostly in central Brighton or Hove, and are therefore very easy to access. Appointment times are flexible and often available in out-of-hours times or at weekends to suit your own availability.

  • Working With Your GP

    Echo Health was established with the specific purpose of providing complementary healthcare to support the GP network, and we have established a working arrangement with many of the leading NHS practices across the city. The aim of this is to provide a service for NHS surgeries and the busy GPs who often want to refer patients on to complementary care that is not available within the NHS.

    We have a relationship with our GP colleagues based on several years of experience in working alongside each other, and ensuring that we are aware of existing medication and any surgical intervention options. Safeguarding and governance procedures are well known to our members and are strictly adhered to.

    Our members are all fully insured, and bound by the strict codes of practice and ethics as set by our respective professional bodies. We respect all confidentiality issues, and any contact or discussion with a patients GP will be specifically consented to by the patient.

  • Our Prices

    With the exception of certain counselling services, complementary medical and therapeutic care is not available as part of NHS patient entitlement, therefore the therapies and treatments available from Echo Health members must be paid for directly by you to the individual therapist.

    Each of our therapists operates independently, and they have their own scale of charges. These are broadly in keeping with professional therapy rates in this area. Echo Health provides access to therapists who work as a team, regularly reviewing codes of practice and working standards together.

    Echo Health does not earn any commission from bookings derived via its promotional work or GP connections. Each of our members pays a small fee to belong to this co-operative and actively supports its work as part of their belief that complementary medicine has an important part to play in todays healthcare.

    You may currently expect to pay around £45 per session for most of the therapies and treatments available from Echo Health members.

Information for Therapists

  • Why Join Echo Health?

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  • Membership Criteria

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  • How To Apply

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