Alexander Technique

F.M. Alexander discovered that muscular tension, of which he was unaware, was causing him to lose his voice when reciting on stage. Despite medical opinion that no cure could be found, he did in fact find one for himself.

In the succeeding years, many have learned to practice his Technique, and apply it to a wide range of physical ailments and other conditions. It could be described as a restorative process, as the aim is to make us aware of those habits we ourselves have developed that cause tension in our bodies, and to learn not to do them.

General Information

As easy as this may sound, it is in fact very hard to change the thought patterns that lead to damaging habits, which is where the help of an Alexander Technique teacher is needed. By the use of the hands and directions, the teacher gives you the experience of new movement patterns that can lead to wide ranging improvements and the resolution of many long established conditions.

Alexander work gives you simple procedures and ways of moving that can be used in daily life.


Alexander Technique 45 mins £42.00
What happens in a session?

Sessions generally consist of working in a chair, sitting and standing, and depending on specific ailments, working to improve the overall effectiveness of movement patterns that have led to pain or restrictions in mobility. This is followed by work on a table, most find this very relaxing and helpful to their overall feeling of well being.

All the work is very gentle and there is no manipulation or force involved; in fact the subtlety of the process is what makes it so effective.

Further Information

The objective on a physical level, is to improve the head/neck/back relationship and to enable the spine to generally lengthen rather than to become compacted and reduced in length. Ultimately this can lead to the improved posture that many associate with the Alexander Technique.

Similarly pupils are shown and made aware of ways to open and free the joints to put less strain on the lower back, thereby enabling more efficiency and economy of movement.

The release of muscular tension is also an important part of the process, and the contact from the teachers hands is especially important in this regard.
A skilled and experienced Alexander teacher has the ability to impart what is referred to as 'direction' with the hands, thus releasing tension without effort on the part of the receiver.

How many sessions?
It has been shown in clinical trials that between six and twelve sessions can give marked and lasting improvements to those suffering long term lower back pain. This is reported as a better outcome than physiotherapy for the same or similar conditions.

I recommend that six sessions are undertaken and we review the benefits and discuss whether you wish to continue. There is no obligation to commit to a specific number of sessions, it is entirely based on individual choice.

The aim of the Technique is to help us to continually improve, therefore there is no limit for those wanting to continue for as long as they wish.

I am equally happy for you to come along for a taster session to find out if you feel that Alexander work could be helpful for you.