Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is attracting increasing interest for its gentle yet effective approach, working directly with the body's natural capacity for self-repair to treat a wide range of conditions. It often helps those suffering chronic symptoms that haven't been aided by other approaches. It is also effective with stress-related conditions including insomnia, fatigue, headaches, poor digestion and anxiety.

General Information

The body has an innate wisdom and intelligence which will, given the right conditions, organise the forces of health to find the best resolution to any problem (emotional or physical) arising in your body. As a therapist I have an intention only to create those conditions, rather than impose my own diagnosis and solution.

I place great importance on communication and interaction with my clients - working with the client on a joint endeavour, to take on the challenges that impede health. I keep compassion, presence and curiosity at the heart of my practice - although I don't ignore the symptom, it is above all the person I am treating. As well as the physical - the mental, emotional and spiritual are deeply acknowledged.


Craniosacral Therapy 60 mins £45.00
What happens in a session?

At the beginning of a session, we talk about your needs and expectations as well looking at anything in your life that you feel may be affecting your health. I will also try and answer any questions you have about craniosacral therapy. Although not a talking based therapy, a gentle dialogue may continue in response to what is emerging from treatment. You are a unique individual and treatment is tailored to your specific needs. The number of sessions required again depends upon your needs. Some (myself included) hold craniosacral therapy as part of a life time commitment to self-knowledge and healthcare.

I work with my client lying, fully clothed, on a comfortable couch and placing my hands on the body. It is not a massage, neither are there any sudden or painful manipulations. Craniosacral therapy is gentle and non-invasive, the sensations consist mostly of warm, comforting, light pressures. You may feel a deep sense of relaxation and possibly become aware of heat or other gentle sensations. The deep relaxation experienced during therapy allows the nervous system to calm down, the body to heal itself. In essence natural harmony is restored. The benefits can be profound and promote a positive shift towards health, balance, peace of mind and confidence.

A typical session lasts for one hour and costs £45.