Mindfulness is the art of paying attention on purpose, becoming more aware of ourselves and the world around us in an open and curious manner.

It is about living in the present moment in a non-judgemental fashion. This helps us notice things that we usually take for granted and appreciate our life more.

General Information

Paying attention in this way can help us feel calmer, more connected and more in control of our lives as we recognise that our thoughts and feelings do not define us.

As we learn to see them for what they are, we can change our responses, choosing more helpful thoughts and behaviours. Mindfulness improves concentration, helps people deal with stress, decreases anxiety, helps focus and clarity, and improves general happiness levels.

It is simple to learn and can be incorporated into your everyday routine. There is no religious affiliation to this class


Mindfulness (1-2-1) 60 mins £60.00
What happens in a session?

These drop in sessions are a relaxed friendly way to learn about mindfulness, sharing tips with others, which gives a really supportive feel to the session. We do guided practices each week, so you get used to these techniques and can then be trying them at home.

Sometimes we do not feel like discussing our feelings in a group, and so to one sessions are also available if you prefer. This allows you to have individual attention for the issues you are wishing to work with. I'm very happy to have a free chat to see if mindfulness may be helpful for you on a one to one basis.

Further Information

Come along and join us, to see what mindfulness can do for you!