Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is an individual-centred whole body approach to healthcare which helps to re-balance and replenish body systems through food, lifestyle habits and supplements where needed.

Whether you're looking to increase your energy levels, boost your immune system, reduce your stress levels, or deal with painful, embarrassing or uncomfortable symptoms, the nutrients that you put into your body are a key factor in balancing and replenishing your organs and systems.

General Information

Our bodies need the right amount of nutrients to function well, so if your individual needs are not being met, this can be a factor in the development of health issues.

You might feel bloated, have reflux, suffer from IBS-like symptoms and have no energy. All of these symptoms could be looked at separately, with different medicines being given for each.

However, Nutritional Therapy deals with the underlying cause, which often links together all the symptoms in a simple, understandable way. It highlights nutrients you might need (such as specific minerals, vitamins or fatty acids) and things that you might not need (foods you might be sensitive to such as gluten, sugar, chemicals, damaged fats, etc).

Recommendations are a collaborative process. It is essential that the programme is one that is realistically manageable by you. It will be discussed during the session, and summarized at the end of the consultation, as every programme is unique. You will not, therefore, be sent away with a 'one size fits all' protocol.


1st Session with Rani 60 mins £55.00
Follow Ups with Rani 30 mins £32.00
1st Session with Lisa 120 mins £160.00
1st Follow Up with Lisa 60 mins £0.00
2nd Follow Up with Lisa 60 mins £0.00
What happens in a session?

Before the consultation, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire which we will send to you, as well as compile a 3 day food and drink diary.

The initial consultation is 1 hour and involves a discussion of your health concerns as well as looking at your health and family history. We will ask you a series of questions which will help indicate various signs and symptoms of imbalances in your body which can then be addressed at the recommendation stage.

We will also discuss your food diary which is a good indication of what foods you like and how this can be incorporated into your diet plan. We will also discuss what measures can be incorporated into your lifestyle and what changes you are prepared to make.

During the consultation we will summarize our discussions, and then give you individual recommendations that are unique to you and take into account your lifestyle and what you feel you can change. It will contain an outline dietary, supplement and lifestyle prescription, with access to lots of tips and recipes to help you move towards better health. We are on hand to answer queries by phone or email should you have questions about any aspect of the prescription.

Follow Up Appointments
Follow up appointments are 30 minute sessions at approximately 2-week intervals - to support you through the changes and make adjustments and additions as we monitor your progress, challenges and changing circumstances. Changes to diet and lifestyle habits generally work best when they are made gradually, with a focus on the current priorities at each stage. We see the best results when we work together with you to continuously tailor and refine your programme, going at a pace that works for you.

Further Information

What Can Nutritional Therapy Help With?
Typical priorities in past consultations include: fatigue and helping to support optimum energy levels, stress management, immune system issues, healthy blood-sugar balance, hormonal balance, digestive issues, sleep issues, aches and pains, stress management, and tolerance to a broad range of food groups.